Terminal Velocity

Web Design by Ryan Cooper

The story begins with you. You have created something awesome and want to share that awesome with the world.

The crux of a fantastic web experience lies in using optimal tools for the job. I'm happy to be able to offer services built using my own suite of tools which prioritize simplicity and elegance as a core value of development.

  1. Elysium Content Management

    Elysium was designed as a content management alternative to tools such as Wordpress. As a simpler, yet more flexible alternative it allows for a faster development cycle while making content more user friendly to update. Elysium benefits from a lightweight core structure that empowers it to deliver, smaller, faster loading webpages than many other professional content management systems.

  2. Javascript Framework

    The Terminal Velocity Javascript Framework is a powerful tool designed to empower Javascript as a moduler and extensible language. By elminating the need for libraries, such as jQuery, which tend to produce confusing, difficult to manage, code the Terminal Velocity Framework is able to bring development much closer to a heavy, software focused framework such as Angular 2 without the burden that comes with it.